6.Kerület,Bulcsú utca 15./Eladva

For sale by owner, in the vicinity of WestEnd City Center, an 80 m2 shared apartment (30 and 50 m2) on Bulcsú Street. A nicely distributed 50 sqm American kitchen and a 30 sqm clean design apartment can give you great ideas for interior design and design. The property has a ground floor with a bright, quiet courtyard entrance. What makes the property more promising is that the seller bears the full cost of the lawyer. The apartment is completely renovated, not only aesthetically, mechanically, electric wires were re-laid, cold warm coverings, interior windows and windows were also replaced. The apartment has undergone a complete reconstruction and is in perfect condition.Huge bathroom with mirror and shower has a stylish tropical shower head for added comfort.The kitchens have elegant gray, mechanized kitchen furniture with electric oven, ceramic hob, all for the purchase price some of them are also highlighted by an impressive upholstered wall panel with a TV. The apartments are heated by a state-of-the-art Norwegian heating panel. The panel heats up according to the simple theory that it heats the cold air flowing through the lower openings and heats it through the grille on the front panel (which helps to efficiently circulate air, not blowing it, as there is no fan) it evenly moves and heats the air in the room. The heating can be controlled by an application from a smart phone owner. Whether for investment purposes or for your own part, it can be a good decision. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

(we can speak english)

Alapterület: 80 m²

Szobák száma: 2 szoba

Emelet: Földszint

Ár: 52.000 000 Ft

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